promote-your-blog-post-after-publish-hori-2Any blogger wishes to reach and satisfy their audiences to their best. They therefore post well-written blogs that are easy to understand, relevant and satisfying the audience. However, to attain maximum output in every blog, it needs to be appropriately and correctly promoted to fit and suit the target. Blogs that are nicely promoted are likely to have many views from online visitors. Here are simple ways to promote your blog:  Search_engine_optimization

  1. Keyword Researching

A blog does not necessary consist of any keyword that you feels like adding to it. Instead, good blogs that are highly self-marketing consists of a good combination of keywords that rhyme with the purpose of the blog and are common in many sites. If you really need to promote your blog to give the best results, try researching and giving the best of your keywords. By so doing you will have increased the chances of your blog being seen by most online users who could potentially be your customers if they grow interest on your work.

  1. Creating Images

Humans are defined by remembering and being highly attracted to what they see with their eyes. The mind internalizes what was attractive to the eyes. A very simple way to promote your blog is by creating graphical images that are clear, meaningful and ‘eye friendly’. By this, I mean images that are original, designed to fit your blog content etc.

Your blog therefore should consist of images that suit best to the subject of your blog. As well the images should be ‘eye friendly’/attractive. These kind of blogs have a history of attracting more visitors.

  1. Relationship building

As Loa Tsu says, for the success of a given project you are obliged go to the people, learn from them, live among them, start from where they are and love them. This is the called relationship building. For people to accept what you are offering to them, you must first live among them and embrace what they have, do not criticize them but give them what they want to hear. With time, once you build your trust from them and they get to know you, it’s the high time you introduce them to your stuff.

Building relationships takes time and therefore you should be patient enough to have built a good rapport with your customers. A good relationship forms the best foundation with your clients thus is key to promoting your blog.

  1. Creating a rocking blog

A simple way to easily promote your blog is by giving the best of the content from the start. Promoting your blog means that the blog be unique in its own way, be helpful to your audience, quote the experts work and telling stories that relate to your blog. Rocking blogs also are audiences’ responsive; a blog should be designed such that any time a visitor enquires anything or have queries concerning your blog you must be quick to respond to them. Such a blog markets itself better than those who never answers to the queries from their audiences.

  1. You must share others’ blog posts

Online marketing is like any trade; you must give something in order to get something in return. Therefore, you must share other bloggers work for yours to get reach to as many users as possible. In this case your network on social media plays a big role in scaling up. The likes of Facebook, Twitter etc. forms a very strong pool to play your game of promotion by sharing what others post. This entirely involves creating new friends and making sure that you empower those friends who are most influential in social media.

It is in fact recommended that you be more human when it comes to socializing. Don’t show off your feelings especially the bad ones against your audience. Be free and friendly to your audience. Try it and you get the best from it all.

  1. Define your Target population

Here comes in the need to match your blog with the audience on target. For instance, a blog meant for young people might not appear friendly to the elderly and vice versa. Also, information relating to soccer games is defined by a specific target population; not everyone who likes soccer.

Knowing your target group is important as it helps you in designing the way your blog appears image wise and content wise. It is also important in understanding the language that will attract more visitors.

  1. Getting Personal

Being personal does not mean that you offend anyone as most users think. Instead, it is a great way to know the average number of your audience get interested in your posts. By being personal means that you may get in touch to your audience by email or any other personalized online system. An example is when you email your blog content to a user who you may have had chats with them before. This is a peculiar but more audience winning compared to just sharing blogs.

  1. Triangulation

One method that boosts up everything especially in social media is using triangulation. This is a strategy that simply involves sharing a blog across many social media platforms. For instance having the same post on Facebook replicated to Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


As the word goes, there are many ways to kill a rat. Promoting a blog involves not only the above ways but also applies to many more ways of promotion; what makes all the difference is the ways that you implement them in promotion. So choose the best!