SEO is a form of writing that makes websites and content to become more visible on search engines like Bing, Google, and Duckduckgo. A highly perceptible website with an excellent content will appear on the few first pages of the results when a person searches for that particular topic. These websites, in turn, get a tremendous traffic boost from the search engine users. Writing SEOs is thus a worthwhile undertaking for the sites that are seeking for an audience. The SEOs content writing ventures are increasing in demand every day. So if you have an understanding of what the particular task entails, it means that you are a valuable asset to a company that hires you. The following are some writing gigs that you may employ: People and SEO

  1. Understand the keyword phrases

The keywords are identical to the specific phrases that people type when they are searching for a particular topic on the internet. For instance, if a person wants to read more about a guinea fowl, they will probably type the word “guinea fowl” on the search engine. Thus using the term guinea fowl as a keyword phrase helps the search engine to understand that people can use the article to get information about a guinea fowl.

As a writer, use the keyword phrases in the same way that they appear in your narrative instructions. If the article instructions call for the term “guinea fowl,” you should include the whole phrase in your article without adding anything between the words. For purposes of editing, most online jobs will require you to either highlight the keyword using bold letters or insert it between parentheses.


  1. What if the keyword phrase does not sound natural

Sometimes, you will get a phrase that is totally unlike of what you use in everyday speech. The main reason for this is because most people will type whatever comes into their mind whenever they are searching for a particular content. For instance, a person searching for a family lawyer in the Bahamas may just type “family lawyer the Bahamas”. Since every article must be engaging and sound natural, writing on such a keyword may seem challenging. However, there is a way out; they are different ways of handling such like confusing phrases. The first method is to use punctuation marks, as it is known that most search engines including Google do not recognize the punctuation marks. So few acceptable methods to handle such a keyword will be (family lawyer, Bahamas)

Punctuating the keyword is the classical way that people think about whenever developing a SEO content. They are however other newer methods of making your article seem natural. Use the short word that most search engines disregard or ignore. These are mostly articles and prepositions (that is words like “a”, “on”,” of”, and “in” are completely ignored. You can, therefore, use these short words to turn a bad keyword to a more natural: his knowledge and experience make him one of the distinguished family lawyer in the Bahamas.


  1. Understand the number of keywords that you should use

In simple terms, use a lot of keywords while still sounding natural. In as much as possible let your keywords flow naturally in your content. Avoid stuffing them in the article as this will be referred to as over-optimizing which can hurt the ranking of your website. The rule of the thumb is, use the keyword utmost seven times in a 500 words piece. You should never introduce a keyword for more than ten times in any article.


  1. Understand your audience

Currently, the web is highly connected than ever, thanks to the social media platforms. Some few years back, going viral was an undertaking accomplished by few companies and individuals. However, even with this made easier, very few firms write content that enables them to go viral. As a writer, you should focus on creating traffic in your website. Always remember that people are on the social sites get interesting, factual and unique content. If you can offer this, then allude to it through your headline. You will generate more traffic to your site than ever before.

Always think of developing something valuable to your readers. If your article, video or message is relevant, people will share it. So forget the part where you sell your product, service or even yourself and instead provide valuable content to your readers and this will increase its chance of going viral.


  1. Focus on length

The issue of having either a longer or a shorter SEO is a debatable topic. Well, evidence adduces that Google has a higher chance of ranking a larger content on the first page in comparison with a shorter project. A survey conducted by Neil Patel showed that majority of websites and niche ranking on Google’s first page, had over 2000 words on their respective homepages. Be careful not to fluff your work as you attempt to hit the 2000 words marks, instead provide value for each word that you use.


  1. Proofread your work before submitting

Once you finish writing your article, read it out loud to find out the specific areas where language does not flow as it should. Strive to provide content that has minimal grammatical and sentence construction mistakes. Your sentences should be as small as possible while retaining their meaning and value.



You have now acquired further skills on what SEO writing is all about and how to develop a great content. More often than ever, write for your audience and not for the search engine. Ensure that the reader can understand your content with ease. Generate the content with its quality in mind. Use the amount of words enough to explain, communicate and instruct properly to your audience.