blog-seoBlogging is one of the best ways for bloggers to reach to a large number of people. It will help them earn reputation, gain money or create business awareness. You will also learn more by interacting with various people from various places. Here are some tips from blogging experts to beginners:

  1. Understand your audience

Thorough research on your audience will help you to understand them. This will give you a wide range of ideas of what to blog about.  You get to know which post will resonate with your audience. You should first engage your readers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with quotes to check for their response. When you get a positive response, then it is a great topic to write about.


  1. Get ideas from the audience

Your blog posts should target the interests of the people you are engaged with on social media. They should answer the fascinating questions from the audience. You should focus on the topics people would like to peruse about. You get the ideas from comments people make or tweets.


  1. First write for yourself

You should focus on your thoughts, opinions and ideas and put them into words. You should ignore the fact that other people might read the post.  With this, you will be in a position to write more and publish more.  Writing for yourself, gives you a room to write the best posts. This is because your focus is not on how people will respond or how they will receive it.


  1. Share your knowledge

You should feel free to share what you have with others.  Hiding some information from others hinders you from sharing good stuffs that will promote your website.


  1. Write catchy and attractive headlines

You should use attractive headlines that will leave the reader with no other option other than reading your post. Headlines make the reader to decide whether to open your post or not. The more catchy the headline, the easier it is for people to read and share your post. The headlines should be unique, simple to understand, powerful and catchy. Also make sure that your content is not obvious despite of it having a catchy headline.


  1. Write short content

At least you should write a 1-2 minute reading content. You should write content with a minimum of 300 words for you to be indexed by search engines. The maximum number of words is determined by you. Short posts are preferred to long posts. The short posts are easily received and shared. Short content gives you a room to share your ideas effectively without boring the readers.


  1. Build your email list

Email list allows you to directly promote your content to your audience. With this, you don’t have to worry about search ranking.  You have to convince people to subscribe to your email list. Make sure you give them great content so that they don’t unsubscribe. Building an email list allows you to get social shares and lovely comments on your new blogs. Always encourage perusers to visit your website frequently to get updates of your new staffs.


  1. Be true to yourself

You should stay true to your voice. Many people follow people but not the sites. They care about how you put across your ideas but not what you say.  Thus, it is important to find the right voice to a certain topic.


  1. Share free content

Learn to give away free content to people, that adds value to their lives. This attracts many audiences to your posts. This will also allow them to subscribe to your email list and follow you. The content can be as a pop-up on the bottom-right of your website.


  1. You should be different

You should be creative. Think of ways in which you can make your content different and unique from the rest. For you to have more traffic, you do not have to be very professional or to use big words. You should be yourself. By doing this, you will enjoy what you do and give it your best. Find a way of being different and unique.


  1. Make content worth referencing

Try to figure out whether the post you are publishing is worth being referenced. Post contents that will leave your audience with a fascinating finding or idea. This will make your blog to be citable on the web. Make it interesting that your reader will desire to share it with others.


  1. You should be consistent

You should be consistent in blogging. Consistency determines how long you will maintain your traffic. It is easier to lose traffic than to build it. By being consistent, you will increase the rate of subscribers on your email list and followers.


  1. Build an amazing call-to-action

You should not rely on people to find your content or to follow you. Many people do not bother to check the sidebars. You should finish your blog post with a call-to-action to subscribe to an email list or follow you on Twitter. This will increase your traffic.


  1. Be good and acknowledge your exiting readers

You should not ignore your existing readers while finding new readers. Acknowledge current readers and show them that you highly esteem them. They will help you glow your blog. You will also be in a position to know them better. Respond to their comments and queries effectively. You should also be humble and complimentary. They feel encouraged to visit you site more and more and also share it out to others.


  1. Correct formatting of your text

You should use appropriate formatting features to your content. This results to descent and attractive content. It will increase the number and the rate at which people are subscribing to your website. You should look at text alignment, font size and type, spacing and many more. You can also make your headline to be attractive by underlining it, italicizing or increasing the font color and size.


  1. Give your website time

In blogging you must be ready to invest for a long time before getting return.  You have to take your time and utilize it to learn, iterate and improve. Through this you can achieve remarkably. Always remember that patience pays.



Use the blogging platform for a good purpose. Promote what you love and not banish what you hate. Follow the above tips from blogging experts and you will become a good blogger. Success calls for sacrifice.